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Marel Anitec Balltec 4 Pig blood spray dryer

Condition: Excellent

This blood spray dryer is designed to obtain dry blood from the slaughterhouse of animals using high-temperature spray drying.

Blood drying line design

Depending on the energy sources used, there are a heater with a block of tubular electric heaters, a gas heat generator, high-pressure radial fans, a drying chamber with a filter, cyclones with modular tanks, a metering pump or a piston type. The unit is equipped with a water ring compressor supplying purified air installed outside the frame. An independent control cabinet provides on and off working mechanisms, display and automatic maintenance of the set drying modes. Energy equipment provides the time to reach the operating mode of not more than 15 minutes, followed by a reduction in power consumption by up to 20%.

The principle of the blood drying line:
The prepared and filtered liquid blood is pumped through a polyethylene pipeline to the nozzles and sprayed with purified air under pressure from a water-ring compressor in a drying chamber with an inert material that is in a state of quasi-boiling at a high temperature. The dehydration, sterilization, and drying of the product takes place in the chamber. Dry blood powder is sucked into cyclones and precipitated in storage tanks.

Marel Dryer Anitec Balltec 4