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Trio FDS 55 Fish skinning machine

Manufactured year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

The new FDS 55 is a new and improved skinning machine built for high capacity skinning.

The FDS 55 is the land-based version of a high capacity skinning machine, built for direct connection to modern filleting machines such as Baader 182, 192 or 212 or high-speed pelagic filleting machines. The machine can skin up to 300 Pollack fillets a minute. The conveyor speed is about 0,8 meters per second. Compared to older versions of the FDS 5N, this machine has clear advantages:

New knife system increases yield by 2-5%.

New design for better hygiene and easier service.

New and improved bearing system on drum.

Choice between skin on and skin off transportation of fillets.

Choice between electric or hydraulic motors The FDS 55 is designed on a substantial steel frame made from 18/8 stainless steel. All parts that come into contact with the fish fillet are made from stainless steel or plastic. Function of the machine the fillets are transferred automatically from the filleting machine to the conveyor belt on the Trio FDS 55. The belt passes under a rotating refrigerated drum where the skin of the fillet "freezes" to the drum. The freezing is very superficial and not deeper than 1/10mm. A rotating band knife cuts the fillet from the skin and the skin is scraped off the drum. The thickness of the cut or the depth of the skinning, is infinitely adjustable between 0 - 12mm. The machine has an integrated cooling system, but can also be supplied for connection to a main freezing plant, either based on freon or ammonia. Advantages of the FDS system. The FDS machines cut the skin off the fillets in a very gentle manner. No strain is put on either the skin or the meat of the fish. This is particularly advantageous when:

Deep skinning and removal of dark meat

Skinning of fillets with no natural division between skin and meat such as mackerel

Skinning of soft fillets, or fillets with weak skin

Skinning of flatfish with no splitting of tail

Skinning of butterfly fillets such as Sardines

Capacity: Up to 300 Pollack fillets per minute

Conveyor width: 330 mm

Power: 8,5 kW

Refrigerant: R-507

Weight: 980 kg