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Generators of flake-ice

Nock SE 1500 Ice flake generator

Manufactured year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

The ice machine range NOCK ECONOMY SE portrays itself with an excellent price performance ratio. The NOCK ECONOMY SE as the well known range NOCK NSH and NSH/SK has no parts with movable seals prone to wear and therefore guarantee the permanent tightness of the cooling circuit. The machine operates with a vertical, stationary freezing cylinder in which are jets mounted to supply water. A hygienically critical water bath is not necessary (no water tank with stagnant water). Therefore this construction is even in view to the hygiene of the ice superior to the other constructions that work with a horizontal cylinder rotating a water bath. The ice machine range NOCK ECONOMY SE produces ice of excellent quality, with a thickness of 2 - 3 mm and a temperature of approximately - 8 ° C. The ice has an outstanding and quick cooling performance. Is ideal for bowl cutters and for many other applications.

Capacity: up to 1500 kg per 24 h.

Refrigerant: R404A

Power: 5,5 kW