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VMK Filleting and heading for fish with autofeeder

Condition: Working

Complete line for filleting and heading herring or similar fish species, including mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, and similar species. The machine can also be configured to process smaller fish, such as sardines, kilka and sardinella.

The line consist of next equipment:

VMK 16 Heading machine

Designed for accurately and efficiently removing heads and tails of the fish. Stainless steel fish pockets carry the fish to precision measuring device that customize the position of the head cut and tail cut for each individual fish, achieving high yield. The VMK16 can be used as a single module, or connected to a VMK31 Feeder and VMK Filleting Machine, VMK11. The machine is working with around 300 fish per minute. 

VMK 11 Filleting machine

Desgined for accurately and efficiently removing guts and bones of the fish, while cutting high-yield butterfly fillets. Additional equipment is available for cutting single fillets or cleaning the belly cavity by mechanical means.

Capacity: from 120 up 300 fish per minute (depends on size)

VMK 31 Autofeeder

Designed for orientating the fish head first and belly down in four rows, side-by-side, Feeder wheels secure that the fish is fed synchronized with the fish pockets in VMK16. The vibrating chutes of the VMK31 are feeding the fish into pockets, after which the fish is continuing to the VMK16 head and tail remover.

Capacity of feeding: 200 - 250 fish per minute