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Fomaco FGM 48F DC Injector

Condition: Good, working

Machine can be used for injecting fish and chicken fillets.

Needles: 2 mm needles, 384 needles

Two needle bridges

Belt width: 420 mm

Needle bridge valves are activated individually, injecting only when the needles are in the product, reducing the quantity of return brine or marinade considerably. The high performance centrifugal pump gives a constant brine pressure, regardless of the number of needles in the product, ensuring uniform distribution of brine, regardless of product size. 

The rotary filter drum and 4 vertical filter screens remove larger particles from the return brine. The filter tank is designed with a sloping bottom to minimize the quantity of brine waste after production or when changing brine/marinade. Alternatively the rotary filter can be prepared for connection to glycol cooling - this ensures total control of the temperature during production. The filter can also be supplied with an agitator to maximize the effect of the cooling and/or to keep the brine in suspension.