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White fish processing line Baader + Marel

Year of construction: 2008

Line designed to provide defrosting, filleting, peeling and trimming of headed and gutted cod.

Capacity: 9 tons per 8-hours working day

The line consists of:

1. Whitefish thawing line, including pallet elevator, platform, tank and exit conveyor

1.1 Pallet lifter to facilitate the handling of fish blocks to defroster.

1   2  

1.2 Defrostation unit

Water immersion defroster with generation of bubbles and various spin speeds of the auger. Defrosting time can be adjusted according to the loading and fish size. Includes conveyor that raises the defrosted product to a Marel Hopper scale.


2.  Filleting machine Baader 185 and skinning unit Baader 51

Man. year - 1983

Cod filleting machine includes tools for cutting collar bones and skinning machine, which can be activated to obtain fillets without skin or with skin.



It also includes Marel conveyors with Marel Hopper scales (2008) for collection and weighing of waste:

Conveyor belt for collar bone Marel

Conveyor belt for central bone of cod Marel          

Hopper scale for central bone of cod Marel

Conveyor belt for cod skin Marel     

Hopper scale for central bone of cod Marel           

Cod waste conveyor belt Marel

3. Cod trimming and bone removing station for 12 workers Marel  

Station includes 12 working places to carry out the trimming of cod fillets and remove remaining bones. Includes conveyor belts for transporting raw materials from the cod filleting machine and finished product, as well as conveyor for waste, which flow into a Marel Hopper scale for weighing losses.





4. Double-line dynamic scales Marel for the weighing of ready whitefish fillets