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Sealpac A7 Traysealer

Condition: Good, working

The SEALPAC A7 suitable for packaging of all types of food: fresh or processed meat, seafood, bakery, petfood, dairy, snacks and sweets. 

It efficiently processes all sealable materials and fully automatically seals up to 120 packs per minute, depending on tray type and application. The SEALPAC A7 stands for optimal and consistent quality.

Tray dimensions (LxWxH)

1. 252 x 182 x 30 mm.

Thickness: 620 microns.

Weight of package: 37,18 gr.

Sealpack tray 

2.  195 x 153,5 x 35 mm.

Thickness: 500 microns.

Weight of package: 19,96 gr.