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Carnitech CT1114.23 Batch cooker for shrimp

Condition: Excellent

Automatic batch cooker for shrimp processing on trawlers or on shore. Designed to produce high capacity (up to 1170 kilograms per hour) with less operating interaction (fully PLC-controlled).

The cooker consists of a system of baskets in which shrimper cooked one charge at a time. Ultrasound controls the filling of cooking baskets. A paddle system for stirring ensures uniform cooking. The cooker is exclusive of cooling bin/basket, and consequently it will not be optimal to freeze the shrimp directly after cooking unless they have been treated in the cooling bin.

Time of cooking and cooling as well as temperature can be individually adjusted. The steam cooker is equipped with a pneumatically controlled adjusting valve enabling the cooker to keep a constant temperature without great temperature variations.

Cooking time: 3.5 minutes per charge (1 charge 78 kilograms)

Heating: Steam

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1530 x 1890 x 2045 mm.

Weight: 675 mm.