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Baader 176 Flatfish filleting machine

This machine processes a great number of different types of flatfish within a size range from 27 to 55 cm in total length. It operates computer controlled and feeds electronically measured fish exactly to the tools for the tail and head cut.  Optimal cuts and a high yield are achieved.

A trimming unit can be arranged before the Baader 176. This unit is computer controlled and adjustable to the type of fish to be processed in each case. It removes the fins including the radiate bones with the fatty tissue adhering thereto and a major part of the abdominal cavity. The product is a slim fillet that requires nearly no trimming.

Types of fish: spotted flounder, flounder Jordan, plaice, dab, flounder tailed, halibut, plaice yellow-bellied, flounder red, halibut.

Working range: 27-55 сm.

Capacity: 25-65 fish per minute

Power consumption: 5 kW (including trimmer: 5,5 kW)

Water consumption: 10 liters per minute

Dimensions: 3350 x 2850 x 1900 mm.

Weight (net/gross): 2080/2480 kg.

Staff: 1

Additionally, can be equipped with Baader 62 Knife sharpener and Steen Fish skinning machine